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The essential accompaniment for practising the ChiBall Method™, matwork or your exercise routine, each uniquely handcrafted ChiBall™ is impregnated with a complementary mood-enhancing fragrance or ChiAroma™.

ChiBall Canada is authorized for sales & distribution to US & Canadian customers only.

ChiBall - Sweet Orange $24.95 Orange ChiBall

For confidence, playfulness and spontaneity, happiness, and joy. ChiAroma™: Sweet Orange.
ChiBall - Lavender $24.95 Purple ChiBall

For peace, inspiration, faith, and recognition of your true nature. ChiAroma™: Lavender.
ChiBall - Lemongrass $24.95 Yellow ChiBall

For personal power, self-worth, self-knowledge, self-discipline and courage. ChiAroma™: Lemongrass.
ChiBall - Geranium $24.95 Green ChiBall

For abundance, love, friendship, wealth and good health. ChiAroma™: Geranium.
ChiBall - Cinnamon $24.95 Red ChiBall

For energy, stamina, passion and vitality. ChiAroma™: Cinnamon.
ChiBall - Juniper Berry $24.95 Blue ChiBall

To restore courage, resourcefulness and willpower. ChiAroma™: Juniper Berry.
ChiBall - Silver $24.95 Silver ChiBall

For increasing mental clarity and stimulating creativity.
ChiBall - Pink $24.95 Pink ChiBall

For a harmonising and balancing effect upon the heart and body. Associated with the heart chakra pink symbolises compassion and healing.
ChiBall - Pink $24.95 Black ChiBall

A protective colour. It is grounding and calming, especially to extremely sensitive individuals.
ChiBall - Pink $24.95 Lime ChiBall

Arouses heightened awareness of our finer nature, our pure goodness and generosity.
ChiBall - Set of 10 $187.50 Set of 10 ChiBalls

Owning all ten ChiBalls™ gives you the freedom to choose intuitively or intentionally the perfect ChiBall™ for you at any given moment.

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ChiBall Method Canada
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